The strategic area would support institutional reforms in the skills sector through addressing institutional constraints in TEVTA.
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The project would raise the quality of skilled graduates through improved collaboration between employers and training providers.
The project would work to increase enrolment in technical and vocational training courses that produces skills needed in priority economic sectors.


  Project is expected to benefit
    70,000 youth who wish to gain job specific skills and training including at least 15% female
    Industries which are willing to enter into partnerships for trainings
    Training providers to be engaged through the programs
    More than 70,000 households whose income is expected to increase
Who should be contacted if we want to get training?  
What are the eligibility criteria?  
What is the procedure to apply?  
Where to apply?  
Approximately of 70,000 youth who wish to gain job specific skills and training.
Tracking and monitoring the timely and effective completion of DLIs targets